Lunchtime projects

February 06, 2017 , , 0 Comments

I've done a couple of lunchtime projects recently.

The first was to do another pug from the pattern - just to test that I'd written it all down correctly. I think it's fine. I ended up making a couple of changes: a slightly shorter tail, and a sticking out tongue.

Using white yarn this time, as I'd pretty much used up the last of the beige yarn.  Here's the start of the pug - with the square base completed.

I ended up doing the face as I went along - just so I could get it all in place prior to stuffing it!

Here's the ear-less (and tail-less) pug. But with a cheeky tongue this time!

And finally here's the completed pug!

I think he came out fine!

I also popped together a coaster from a simple pattern by La Vie en Rose. It's basically just a circle. But it looks pretty and uses up some of my desk stash! (Also it matches the Lego brick - since it's from the same ball. So it looks like I'm doing this on purpose!)