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Filet crochet: pansies (part 1)

For a change I've decided that I'd like to try a new style of crochet... filet crochet. In its most easy form this uses just two crochet stitches to build up a grid of empty or filled-in squares, allowing you to make a blocky pattern. Using smaller yarn than normal, mostly called cotton, allows you to make the blockiness less obvious. I decided to do some example items just to see how large they will work up. Here's the biggest cotton I could find. It needs a 2.5mm crochet hook to work it  - which is one I happened to have already. You can see the difference in hook sizes and yarn/cotton in this picture. I also had fun doing searches on Pinterest to find a pattern that I thought would give me a good idea of gauge. Most of these don't look like normal crochet patterns. Instead they look like graphs/grids. Since filet crochet only uses two stitches the pattern can be simplified a bit. The two stitches are a treble and a chain (or in the US you'd do a double