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Filet crochet: pansies (part 2)

Following on from my previous blog post , I've now finished. It really didn't take as long as I expected. Once I got the structure done - those first chains and the first two rows - then the rest was really about keeping track of where I was! I ended up using a small post-it note to keep my place. That saved me so much counting! As I crocheted along, I got to a knot in the cotton. Grrr! I'd spent a couple of hours that night already crocheting, and it was near bedtime, so I made a bad decision. I just incorporated the knot into the work. Now I can feel where it is, and it's affected the blocking and tension. So if I were to get into the same situation I'd probably unwind and re-do the work. It also became clear I did not have enough cotton to quite finish the piece. Luckily I ordered some and it came so quickly I didn't even have to start a interim project! Although I was sad that I had to weave in ends. I found working in the ends a bit more diffic