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Lego brick tissue box cover

There's a really nice looking tissue box cover on Ravelry , it's modeled on a Lego brick. And the pattern is free! I've switched to cheap Tesco Value tissues for my desk at work. Hiding the box with a quirky crochet project seems like a great idea. And looking at the pattern there's not too much sewing to do (well until I get to the bumps of the brick).  It's also a good project as I'll need a clean desk in order to show it off once it's finished. Right now my desk is not really ship shape.  The pattern is basically just chaining and doing double crochet (UK) /  single crochet (US) until the work covers half of the top. then you can use some chains to make a gap big enough for the tissues. Carry on as before. Once it covers the top the pattern suggests working around the rectangle in half-trebles (UK) / half-doubles (US). I think I'm going to stick to one stitch throughout. Although I am pondering whether I should work in the back loops