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My first pattern: a pug

So my first pattern is for a desk toy for a friend/colleague. She loves pugs. So I've looked at loads of cartoons of pugs and drawn a sketch on squared paper.  My sketches have got to the point where I think I've figured out the relative proportions and that I've learned that pugs have a curly tail. A couple of techniques I will use are: -  Curly cues for curly tails -  Squaring a circle  Pattern Just as a quick note, when I do small toys I tend not to do the spiral amigurumi. Instead I'll work a circle, join with a slip stitch and then chain 1 (or whatever number is appropriate for the stitches I'm using): counting it as the first stitch.  I've turned this work between each round as some parts aren't worked in rounds.  Yarn: I've got loads of leftover yarn. The stuff I've used here is 4 ply and I've worked with a 3.5mm hook. I don't think tension/gauge needs to be too exact though. I've just planned for fo