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Showing posts from February 8, 2017

Filet crochet: pansies (part 3)

Following on from my earlier blog posts about filet crochet I've done the same piece of work in a smaller thread (size 10) this time. There's a comparison of the hooks and threads so you can see how the compare in size. Although in my hands it feels like a much bigger jump than it looks! Luckily I made fewer mistakes on this! I actually like how this has turned out too. It's not as small as I expected: partly because the hook wasn't that much smaller I think. I like the "aspect ratio" better in this one too: more like the original chart. I have tons of cotton on the reel left over this time. Plenty more for some small filet coasters or something. I think that the blocking process also makes the resulting fabric feel a bit nicer. It's more noticeable on the thicker cotton, but still there on the smaller thread size too. The next filet crochet project will be an even smaller pansy piece! Although the 0.75mm hook is so difficult to handle - s