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Showing posts from February 18, 2017

A couple of small projects

I sometimes have long journeys (as a passenger) and it feels like a waste of time to just sit doing nothing. So it's nice to have what I call "handbag projects". This little one is adorable! It's from a pattern at Leelee knits . I had some Aran yarn ( Rowan Lima in Argentina ) to use up and this was the perfect project for it. It took just a little more than one ball - and as you can see I didn't do the colour changes indicated on the original pattern. These jellyfish guys were done in left over wool too!  The pattern from One Dog Woof  adapts incredibly well to different yarn thicknesses. My only real issue is that the tentacles take a lot more wool than I'd imagined, and I don't always have enough to do a good amount of tentacles. I think baby blue looks a bit straggly because of this. So I may start making striped jellyfish and see how they go!