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New Look 6407 and Sew Hayley Jane

Sorry I've been quiet! Just as I was resurrecting the blog too. I ended up interviewing for and getting a temporary job. I've also been making masks for friends and family.

Here's an in-progress pic of a mask. I've made these so the wearer can thread through elastic and trim it to fit them nicely. When I'm making a mask for myself I can skip a few of the steps!

So I don't have quite as much time, but I am still sewing clothes as well as masks. Although the latest item comes with a matching mask!

I've done a view of New Look 6407 before (view A: long sleeved, straight collar). It wasn't great - despite the 'easy' rating from New Look! The collar was a struggle - and is too pointy in a very seventies style! I've completely messed up the sleeve cuffs too. So in the latest attempt I tried to get rid of these issues by going for View E, with a mandarin collar and short sleeves.
I always struggle with the size: I tend to fall on three different sizes, depending on whether I measure bust, waist or hips. This time I kept it simple and just cut my largest size (the waist). I should have perhaps graded this, since my bust is two sizes smaller than my waist - but the pattern pieces made this a little more difficult since the two sizes I needed were on completely different bits of paper!

I used my fabric from the June 2020 SewHayleyJane box, it's 100% cotton, and called Cherry Picking. It looks great! It's much better fabric than I'd buy myself. I'm still too worried about making mistakes so I tend to buy cheap fabrics.

I'm OK on doing the seams along the shoulders and the side seams. But the next stage was the collar. And even though it's a much simpler collar than normal, I still had to do it twice. 

I ended up not following the instructions, and looking up various explanations on Google, and then just winging it! So I 
  • attached the front facing before doing the collar, 
  • pinned the interfaced collar piece along the neck and marked where the front came to on each side,
  • unpinned, 
  • sewed the two collar pieces along their top seam: to the marks,
  • graded the seam and notched the curves,
  • ironed a seam on both collar pieces,
  • sewed the collar on with a just about an eighth of an inch from the folded bottom of the collar. 

Also, I didn't forget to make sure I popped in my custom labels. Because I'm vain!

The sleeves went in easily! At least that part was much simpler in View E. A fair chunk of hemming followed, then the exciting part was picking buttons!

I regret doing the button holes with the same black thread I used for everything else. It just looks a bit dark when it's so thick! But that one problem aside I think this top came out really well. 

And the bonus is there was plenty of fabric to make a couple of matching masks, and probably still get another top out of this. 

Pattern:New Look 6407
Fabric:100% Cotton, cherry picking
Lesson learned:Redoing a collar will be best for all involved
Audio book:Chapter House: Dune - Frank Herbert ☹️


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