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Love birds

Here's a pattern I did to use up some yarn. It worked beautifully! It's from Cutest Crochet Creations by Alison North , which was a Christmas present from my Mum. There's the cutest little love birds in the book. Of course I had to do two, it would be cruel to have a single love bird! It's a simple start to the pattern: starting with a magic ring at the top of the head, and working down in rounds. At the bottom there's a small variation to work in the back loops only to give a bit of a flat base. The real fun work comes in the other elements of the bird. The wing is really clever, and the tail is well thought out. Although I'm not sure I really got the face correct! The love birds in the book look better in white with various colours for their wings and tails. But since I was trying to use up some leftovers I didn't really get to chose the colour! I do like the way they came out, looking like a matching pair. This is the second pattern from