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G&G sewing society April kit

I kinda like kit: everything I need is in one place, so here’s no thinking about anything. I also like presents in the mail! So in April I ordered the G&G sewing society as an experiment.  To me this kit is quite an intimidating make. I’m still not 100% on zips, and I’ve never done snap fasteners before. I ordered the version in ‘sky’ colour. It was the only one left in my size: but that was lucky as I wanted that colour anyway! It came quite quickly, yay! But I was still working at that point, so it had to wait until the weekends. The kit included: Printed Closet Case Kelly Anorak sewing pattern Cotton twill fabric Matching thread 15 Prym anorak snaps & tool  26" YKK open ended zip Liberty lawn Woven fusible interfacing Prym machine needles Sew-in label - "Made by me with g&g'   I’m always a bit between sizes, and so I wanted to make sure I was sizing right. So I traced the pattern pieces for the main body onto Swedish tracing paper an