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Ginger jeans

View B of the Ginger Jeans by Closet Case patterns. This is my first time making a pair of jeans: so I did this as a wearable toile - sort of. The pattern requires denim with 2% or more lycra, and the cheapest denim I could find was £12.99 a metre, and came with 3% lycra. That’s more than I pay for fabric normally. So I was definitely hoping these would come out wearable. I wanted to do view B, as these are a high-waisted version, and I think that style suits me better. As it happens out I'm really pleased with how the jeans turned out. But as has become usual for me, this was after a lot of unpicking and doing again! I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts that I love kits: so for this I made my own kit! I used the guide on the Closet Case website to get most of the stuff from Minerva Crafts Stretch denim with 3% lycra: 3 metres ( I didn’t check the width of the fabric, and just ordered the nearest whole metre, but I could have definitely ordered less) Prym Jeans button