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Safiya Jumpsuit

I'm a bit late to the jumpsuit party. I'm sure they've been cropping up more frequently, in fashion and in patterns, for at least a year. But the first ones I saw had the shape of boiler suits in a lighter fabric. I actually quite like that shape, but I wasn't ready to dive straight into that! My most recent SewHayleyJane box came with viscose crepe based on an Italian wallpaper pattern. Although to me it looks like Delft fireplace tiles ! And I had received the latest Tilly and the Buttons book from my Mum for Christmas, so it was about time I did something from that. In the book there's a hack to make the Safiya trousers into a playsuit, and a hack to pop pockets in. So I sorta half-hacked the playsuit - after all I wanted the long legs of a jumpsuit. Side note: is that the difference - just long v short legs? Either way, I wanted the long leg style. I quite like the idea of the mock-wrap bodice. Doing the half-hack version did mean a bit of jumping around in th