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Bettine dress

The next SewHayleyJane box came with this beautiful feeling cotton sateen fabric , complete with a border at both selvedges. So that gives me a challenge to make something that uses the border, but means cutting at right angles to the grain.  I chose the Bettine pattern by Tilly and the Buttons. Three main reasons: I can make use of both borders: at the bottom of the dress, and on the sleeve cuffs; I was confident the dress hem was straight enough to accommodate the border; and finally the dress has pockets! It's the second TATB pattern in a row, but this one was a PDF from the website, which meant I didn't have to trace it!   The main trick  was cutting out at right angles to the normal grain line. I tried to be careful to ensure the border at the dress hem and on the cuffs/tabs were all in line.  The skirt and bodice of the dress are cut separately. I did not go to the effort of pattern matching the pieces, which actually is a bit of a shame. I got a bit scared off by the fa