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Bag from a free pattern on Ravelry

I love the idea of doing a crochet bag, but I always worry about the handles/straps. Mostly patterns seem to require bought handles that need attachment, or the handles are much thinner than I think they need to be on my own bags. But this free slouchy hobo-style bag pattern on Ravelry seems to have a solid enough strap that I won't care. Perfect for some balls I've had in my stash for a while. The only issue I have is that my balls are in 3 different colours: so I had to create some sort of pattern to the colours. I thought working each colour for roughly two rounds will work out about right: and it gives me an opportunity to practice carrying the colour yarns along, so I don't have to keep weaving in ends. Also it has the still look a bit random. I did have some problems reading the pattern: because it's in US English. Obviously when I read SC, I'll do a double crochet, but I kept on doing double crochets when the pattern switched to DC. Perhaps I should ha